Instagram User Exposed for Exploiting His Child In Nigeria


Instagram User Exposed for Exploiting His Child

Nigerians are demanding for the arrest of Musa Suleman, a father from Edo, for sharing explicit and inappropriate media of his daughter, believed be around 4 years old, on an Instagram page handled him.

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Background of the Culprit

Musa Suleman currently has over 200 media of his daughter on the platform, in some which she is wearing a thong, and others were she is asked to twerk.

Musa Suleman has responded to the widespread condemnation by pleading with the public not to report his account, openly acknowledging that he is exploiting his child for financial gain and even expressing gratitude to blogs for bringing him attention and publicity when they expose his harmful behavior.

Authorities’ Reaction. 

The public relations officer of the Nigerian police force on X(formerly known as twitter), Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi has addressed the issue, stating  “The PPRO of Edo command will take it up and counsel the parents rather than prosecute them.” 

Provisions of the law

According to section 23(c) of the Cybercrime (Prohibitions, Prevention, etc.) Act 2015, it's illegal to involve a child in pornographic activities or profit from exploiting a child for such purposes, and it's punishable for a term not nore than 15 years. Musa Suleman’s actions is clearly in violation of these regulations. 

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Public Demands

The public is urging the Edo State Government to take immediate action by arresting Musa Suleman, safeguarding his daughter's well-being, and ensuring the removal and deactivation of the offending social media account. Additionally, people are being cautioned not to share or disseminate the explicit images of the child, which feature her identifiable face.

Instagram User Exposed for Exploiting His Child In Nigeria

Police arrest father over child exploitation

At the Auchi Divisional Police Headquarters, Edo State police command, the guy was taken into custody by the police. 

In response to popular criticism, the police have also denounced the incident and opened an inquiry.

Instagram User Exposed for Exploiting His Child In Nigeria

"The Nigeria Police Force acknowledges the public outcry in response to disturbing images and videos involving a 4-year-old child with the Instagram handle @officialsarah_ig, circulating on social media," said a statement released on Sunday by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer.

The young youngster is portrayed in improper stances in the content, which is similar to adult stuff. The Force utterly denounces in the harshest words possible the apparent abuse of this defenseless kid and expresses profound shock and significant worry about it.

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