President Tinubu Advocates Good Governance and Democratic Stability in West Africa

President Tinubu Advocates Good Governance and Democratic Stability in West Africa

 At the 64th ordinary session of the West African bloc held at the State House, Abuja, Nigerian President and ECOWAS Chairman, President Tinubu.

Highlighted the pivotal role of good governance in securing popular support and fostering socio-economic transformation across West Africa.

Emphasizing good governance as not only a fundamental commitment but also a means to address citizens' concerns.

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President Tinubu stressed its importance in improving the quality of life and creating a stable environment for sustainable development.

He underscored that by addressing challenges like poverty and inequality, the region can mitigate the root causes of military interventions in civilian processes.

President Tinubu acknowledged the efforts of West African leaders in strengthening democratic achievements.

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And outlined specific measures against any member state opting for an unconstitutional change of government.

While recognizing the challenges of imposing sanctions, he reiterated the importance of protecting the fundamental liberties of the community's citizens.

Furthermore, President Tinubu called for realistic and short transition plans to engage with countries under military rule, offering technical and material support to achieve democratic goals.

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He commended President George Weah of Liberia for his exemplary leadership and urged leaders to emulate his commitment to democratic ideals.

Addressing the recent formation of the 'Alliance of Sahel States' by some ECOWAS-member states under military rule.

President Tinubu described it as distracting and reaffirmed the commitment to pursuing ECOWAS integration.

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Despite regional challenges, he highlighted ECOWAS' people-oriented activities and emphasized the need for qualitative service delivery and good governance.

Touching on recent disturbances in Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau, President Tinubu urged fellow leaders to protect democracy.

Emphasizing ECOWAS' zero tolerance for unconstitutional changes of government.

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He expressed solidarity with the re-elected president of Sierra Leone and affirmed the region's commitment to supporting democratically elected governments.

President Tinubu's address underscored the importance of good governance, democratic stability.

And regional collaboration to address challenges and foster positive socio-economic transformation in West Africa.

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The commitment to protecting democracy and upholding the rights of citizens remains at the forefront of ECOWAS' agenda, signaling a united front against any threats to the democratic process in the region.

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