NSCDC Commandant General Advocates 'Octopus' Solution for Nigeria's Security Challenges

NSCDC Commandant General Advocates 'Octopus' Solution for Nigeria's Security Challenges

 Dr. Ahmed Audi, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

Has put forth a groundbreaking proposal to address the evolving security issues in Nigeria.

Speaking at a two-day seminar in Abuja, Audi suggested adopting an "Octopus" solution

Drawing inspiration from the intelligence and adaptability of these remarkable creatures.

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Highlighting the pressing need for innovative strategies in the face of asymmetric warfare.

Audi emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to counter the myriad security threats facing Nigerians and public assets.

He stressed the necessity for ongoing evaluations of security strategies that can harness resources and expertise effectively.

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The seminar, attended by state security heads from various agencies including NSCDC, Federal Road Safety Corps.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Nigerian Correctional Service, Nigerian Immigration Service.

The Nigerian Police Force, Nigeria Customs Service, and State Security Service, focused on promoting inter-agency collaboration.

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Audi explained that the event is a crucial component of a broader strategy aimed at fostering seamless synergy among security stakeholders in Nigeria.

He expressed optimism about the positive impact of the seminar on the nation's security architecture

Emphasizing the importance of including all stakeholders in this mission.

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The Resident Representative of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Nigeria, Ms. Marija Peran, echoed Audi's sentiments in her opening remarks.

She highlighted the collaborative efforts with the Nigerian House of Representatives, NSCDC, and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in organizing the seminar.

Peran emphasized that since 2016, KAS has been actively supporting Security Sector Reform in Nigeria.

Cultivating partnerships with relevant institutions and collaborating with both the executive and the legislature.

She underlined the focus on training programs that aim to foster inter-agency collaboration and conflict resolution among various security agencies.

The overarching goal is to contribute to a more robust and coordinated security framework in Nigeria.

As Nigeria grapples with complex security challenges, the proposal for an "Octopus" solution.

And the collaborative efforts showcased in the seminar reflect a proactive approach to addressing the nation's security concerns.

The ongoing commitment of key stakeholders, as demonstrated in this event, signifies a positive step towards enhancing the effectiveness of Nigeria's security architecture. 

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