National Assembly Reconvenes After Christmas Break, To Pass Nigerian Budget By Saturday


National Assembly Reconvenes After Christmas Break, To Pass Nigerian Budget By Saturday

In Iyin-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Senate Leader Opeyemi Bamidele announced plans for the National Assembly.

To pass the 2024 Appropriation Bill on December 30, aiming to uphold the January-December budget cycle.

Bamidele emphasized the commitment of federal lawmakers to curtail their holidays to facilitate the speedy passage of the crucial bill.

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To expedite the process, Bamidele detailed measures taken, including joint sessions for ministries, departments, and agencies before relevant committees, reducing the time for budget defense.

He highlighted the Assembly's dedication, with sessions extending beyond regular working days.

Including Saturdays and the possibility of a session on Sunday as they approach the year-end deadline.

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Bamidele expressed concern over economic saboteurs influencing exchange rates and restricting access to the naira.

He stated that, from the coming year, the Federal Government plans to crack down on these saboteurs.

Aiming to charge, prosecute, and punish those responsible for economic sabotage.

The Senate Leader warned that those manipulating currency markets, causing a surge in commodity prices, and engaging in speculative activities will not escape justice.

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The government's commitment to holding accountable those responsible for draining naira and dollars.

From the market signals a firm stance against actions detrimental to the nation's economic stability.

In the broader context, the move to pass the budget swiftly aligns with the government's strategy to ensure timely implementation in the upcoming year.

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The blog post concludes with the assurance that the Federal Government's vigilance will extend into 2024.

Targeting those undermining economic stability and obstructing the well-being of the Nigerian people.

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