Unlocking Wellness: Lifestyle Changes for Prostate Health and Menopausal Comfort


Unlocking Wellness: Lifestyle Changes for Prostate Health and Menopausal Comfort

The senior medical experts from the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital and Ilọrin General Hospital.

Lifestyle modifications and improved dietary choices were emphasized as key elements.

In preventing and managing prostate cancer in men and addressing the challenges of menopause in women.

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Dr. Ismaila Oseni, a Consultant Urologist, highlighted the normalcy of prostate existence in men, asserting that it's a natural aspect of male anatomy.

However, he cautioned against underestimating its potential dangers, attributing its risks to unchecked diets and irregular lifestyle choices.

To mitigate these risks, Dr. Oseni recommended steering clear of certain foods like animal fats and red meats.

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Suggesting a shift towards healthier options like white meats – rabbits, chicken, and turkey.

Regular exercise and timely screening, particularly for men above 40, were also advocated to proactively manage prostate health.

He dispelled myths, emphasizing that prostate cancer is not contagious and urged the public to avoid misinformation.

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Dr. Lola Owolabi, a Gynecologist Consultant, shed light on the pains associated with menopause in women.

Including issues like weak bones, vaginal dryness, mood changes, and hormonal depletion.

For women navigating menopause, Dr. Owolabi recommended practical lifestyle adjustments.

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These include adopting a healthy diet with fewer carbohydrates, choosing light clothing, opting for cold baths over hot ones.

And incorporating water-based lubricants. Hormone replacement therapy, if considered, should be limited to five years.

Addressing a common misconception, Dr. Owolabi clarified that irregular sex doesn't induce early menopause; rather, it is a natural aging process related to the depletion of eggs.

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The insights shared by these medical consultants underscore the importance of proactive health management through lifestyle modifications and dietary improvements.

Whether it's adopting a prostate-friendly diet or navigating the challenges of menopause.

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These expert tips serve as a guide for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being.

Remember, a well-informed and proactive approach to health can make a significant difference. Stay tuned for more insights into holistic well-being.

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