Tackling the Silent Threat: Cervical Cancer Takes a Toll on Nigerian Women

Tackling the Silent Threat: Cervical Cancer Takes a Toll on Nigerian Women

In a recent outreach collaboration between the Goodway Foundation and Breast Without Spot Foundation.

Professor Ifeoma Okoye shed light on the alarming statistics surrounding cervical cancer in Nigeria.

According to Okoye, an average of 23 to 28 women lose their lives daily due to this relentless disease.

Okoye emphasized the crucial role of routine examinations in curbing the mortality rate, highlighting the challenges faced by healthcare professionals.

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When patients seek medical attention in advanced stages of the disease, she stressed that early detection not only saves lives.

But also eases the burden on healthcare infrastructure, reduces costs, and bolsters patients' determination to fight for survival.

The stigma and fear associated with cervical cancer often lead women to conceal their condition, even from potential solution providers.

Okoye urged women to overcome these barriers, emphasizing the importance of routine examinations for both breast and genital areas.

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By doing so, the risk of developing various forms of cancer, including breast and cervical cancer, can be significantly reduced.

Additionally, Okoye underlined the need for quality nutrition as a key factor in building the body's resistance.

She advised women to abstain from alcohol and tobacco, lifestyle choices that can contribute to the prevention of cancer.

Chief Executive Officer of the Goodway Foundation, Chioma Ikoku, echoed the urgency of the situation, revealing that over 70,000 people succumb to cancer in Nigeria.

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Ikoku called for partnerships to amplify the impact of cancer awareness campaigns across the nation.

As the fight against cervical cancer intensifies, it is clear that education, routine examinations, and lifestyle choices play pivotal roles in reducing the devastating impact of this silent threat.

The collaboration between the Goodway Foundation and Breast Without Spot Foundation serves as a beacon of hope.

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Urging individuals and organizations alike to join forces in spreading awareness and providing support to those affected by this insidious disease.

Together, we can strive towards a future where the daily toll of 23 to 28 lives becomes a thing of the past.

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