NSCDC Introduces VIP Protection Unit with 501 Trained Personnel

NSCDC Introduces VIP Protection Unit with 501 Trained Personnel

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) recently created a new unit to protect VIPs. 

The first group of 501 trained personnel had their ceremony at the Corps headquarters in Abuja.

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Commandant General Ahmed Audi highlighted that protecting VIPs is a key duty of the NSCDC.

ACG Austine Obiekwe, from Agro Rangers, said the VIP Protection Unit would protect at-risk individuals based on their status.

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Audi urged the staff to uphold the Corps' reputation and warned against tarnishing its image. Wrongdoers will face consequences. 

David Abi, who handles training and developing our staff, explained the week-long training program.

Chosen personnel from arms squad units across the country took courses on VIP escorts, duties, psychological behaviors, and the relationship between principal and personnel.

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The designers of the training aimed to go beyond expectations and make officers better at protecting VIPs. 

We discussed VIP escorts, their responsibilities, psychology, and how emotions impact behavior and relationships.

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The NSCDC's strategic move shows their commitment to improving security and protecting vulnerable individuals. 

The skilled VIP Protection Unit is ready to help keep important people safe and improve security.

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The NSCDC is being proactive by addressing security challenges. To show their dedication in a changing world, they created the VIP Protection Unit. 

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