Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Announces Plans to Establish Electric Vehicle Plant in Nigeria


Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Announces Plans to Establish Electric Vehicle Plant in Nigeria

In a recent development, Nigeria's leading indigenous automobile manufacturer, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM).

Has revealed its ambitious plans to set up an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing arm within the country. This announcement was made by Cornel Osigwe.

Head of Corporate Communications at Innoson Vehicles, during an interview on Arise Television's Global Business Report.

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Mr. Osigwe emphasized the importance of bolstering local vehicle production, citing that all the crucial components required for manufacturing electric cars are readily available in Nigeria.

He highlighted the recent purchase of a substantial number of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) enabled buses

Produced by Innoson, which are set to be commissioned for use by the presidency.

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Furthermore, Innoson has already taken significant strides towards sustainability by commencing the production of CNG vehicles.

The company's strategic vision is now focused on the establishment of an EV manufacturing plant in Nigeria, with the ultimate goal of creating a self-sufficient production process.

This approach aims to circumvent the need for costly imports of EV battery components, as all necessary raw materials are abundant within Nigeria.

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The Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing has recognized the potential and feasibility of establishing an EV manufacturing entity within the country.

This strategic move not only aligns with the global trend towards electric mobility.

But also ensures that Nigeria can autonomously produce electric vehicles, minimizing reliance on external sources.

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By embarking on this venture, Innoson is poised to make significant strides in the electric vehicle industry.

Contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly automotive landscape in Nigeria.

This initiative not only supports the nation's economic growth but also underscores the importance of local innovation and industry leadership.

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Innoson's foray into electric vehicle manufacturing is a promising step towards a greener automotive future for Nigeria.

Offering a blueprint for other nations to follow suit in their pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions.

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