Government Calls on Tech Leaders to Boost Nigeria’s Development through ICT Innovation


Government Calls on Tech Leaders to Boost Nigeria’s Development through ICT Innovation

n a recent statement by the Head of the Press and Public Relations Unit of the Ministry, Ekaete Umo.

The Federal Government has urged leaders in the Information and Communication Technology( ICT) sector to unite and produce a robust standard frame.

This frame is  imaged to deliver IT results that can bolster government operations, support the private sector, and address societal conditions effectively. 

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During the National Council on ICT in Ministries, Departments, and Agencies held in Abuja.

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Honourable Minister of Dispatches, Innovation, and Digital Economy, emphasized the vital part of technology in profitable competitiveness.

He stressed its significance in chancing results to  various societal challenges. 

Tijani stressed that a government lacking proper technology integration can't efficiently serve its citizens.

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Emphasizing that" any government without technology and without prioritizing the operations of technology can't give service to its people in an effective way." 

The Minister also directed out the symbiotic relationship between government and the private sector concerning technology. 

He advised that if the government fails to work technology  rightly, it hampers the optimal operation of the private sector. 

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In his keynote address, Tijani called upon council members to  recognize the critical part they play in their separate associations.

Emphasizing that the future of Nigeria hinges on their capability to integrate technology effectively. 

He stated that the President's vision is to see a developed Nigeria with inclusive growth, and for this vision to materialize, those in the ICT sector must comprehend and fulfill their places. 

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As Nigeria aspires for progress and development, it's apparent that a robust and forward- allowing ICT structure is consummate.

The government's call for a standardized frame underscores the need for a cohesive approach in driving technological invention. 

The success of  various ministries and, by extension, the nation, relies on the commitment of ICT leaders to harness the power of technology for the  lower good.

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This directive aligns with the global trend of digital  transformation, and Nigeria's trip toward getting a tech- driven nation.

Is contingent upon the  dedication and understanding of those at the van of ICT. 

As the nation strives for inclusive growth and development, the community between government, private sector, and technology becomes increasingly  vital. 

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The clarion call by the Federal Government emphasizes not just the significance of technology.

But the imperative for strategic collaboration among ICT leaders to pave the way for a digitally advanced and prosperous Nigeria.

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