Empowering Women through Stock Market Literacy: NGX's EquipHER Initiative Launch

Empowering Women through Stock Market Literacy: NGX's EquipHER Initiative Launch

 NGX Regulations Limited, the regulatory arm of the Nigerian Exchange Group, recently launched EquipHER.

The company's headquarters in Lagos unveiled an initiative to empower women.

The goal of the initiative is to help women understand the stock market better. This will improve their financial future.

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During the launch event, Dr. Irene Robinson-Ayanwale, General Counsel of NGX, highlighted the positive impact of teaching women about the stock market.

She stated, "Empowering women through stock market literacy is a powerful means to achieving financial security.

Women need knowledge and confidence to secure their financial future, not grow wealth."

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The EquipHER initiative aims to increase women's participation in the Nigerian capital market. It seeks to bring about significant change by promoting their presence.

Dr. Robinson-Ayanwale pointed out that women are not well-represented in the capital market, even though they make up half of the population.

Tinuade Awe, CEO of NGX RegCo, stressed the importance of EquipHER, stating, "This is the beginning."" This is the outing of EquipHer. There is still a lot to do, and we are counting on all you to do it."

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Mrs. Elizabeth Ebi, the first female stockbroker on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, proved age limits in the stock market don't exist at the event.

She emphasized that investing is for everyone, regardless of age or generation. Mrs. Ebi urged people to select brokers who are honest and professional.

She emphasized the significance of choosing a broker with a long-standing reputation in the market for the best results.

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Mrs. Ebi explained that anyone, regardless of age, can find opportunities in the market.

She stressed the importance of finding stocks that match your investment goals. She suggested getting advice from reliable advisors.

The launch of EquipHER is a very important moment for women in Nigeria. It will help them learn about money and be included.

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The initiative emphasizes the importance of women in the stock market. It also offers opportunities for learning, growth, and wealth creation.

NGX and its partners are hopeful that EquipHER will improve women's financial security in Nigeria.

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