Queues Return To Petrol Stations In Nigeria’s Capital City, Abuja Amid Fuel Scarcity


Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, is experiencing a resurgence of long queues at petrol stations, as citizens grapple with a renewed bout of fuel scarcity. This situation has led to frustrations and disruptions across various sectors of the economy.

Reports from across the city suggest that motorists and commuters are facing considerable challenges in sourcing petrol, with wait times extending for hours. This echoes previous episodes of fuel shortages, which have been an ongoing issue in Nigeria.

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Experts point to a combination of factors contributing to this latest crisis, including disruptions in the global oil supply chain, local refining capacity constraints, and sporadic disruptions in distribution. This situation has left many citizens anxious about the stability of their daily routines.

The Nigerian government has assured citizens that measures are being taken to rectify the situation, including engaging with key stakeholders in the oil and gas sector. However, there is a growing call for long-term sustainable solutions, such as investments in domestic refining capacity and diversification of the energy sector.

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As the queues persist, the resilience of the Nigerian people shines through, as they navigate these challenges with patience and resourcefulness. The fuel scarcity in Abuja serves as a poignant reminder of the need for a comprehensive and forward-looking energy policy in Nigeria.

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